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The Big Instruction Book for the Cajon, Händlerpreis. KEIN VERSAND AN PRIVATKUNDEN!!!

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The Big Instruction Book for the Cajon

Language: English

The Cajon is one of the most important new discoveries in the world of percussion. Its drum set like sound, in combination with its practical construction, makes it a popular percussion instrument with universal musical applications.

This instruction book explains the handling and playing techniques of the cajon and demonstrates its versatility using numerous exercises and live musical examples. It is suitable for beginners and advanced students as well as percussionists interested in something new.

Conny Sommer lives in Leipzig, Germany and is well known in the national percussion scene as a Cajon specialist. His intense interest for this instrument began in the early nineties. The experience gained from countless musical projects, as well as the close collaboration with the Cajon manufacturer Schlagwerk Percussion, led to the publishing of the first edition of this instruction book in 1999. After the success of the first edition, this second edition has been expanded with several new chapters, clearer teaching methods and is linked to a comprehensive download library.